Travellers having legal issues in a foreign country is nothing new, it can be anything from a small misunderstanding to a serious issue. Many of the travellers that have reported having some sort of legal issue had assistance or travel insurance coverage that included legal consultation and even a referral benefit. Having access to a legal line that works 24/7 gives tranquility to some travellers that want to know that help is available when needed.


There have been cases in which misunderstandings and not knowing have led to situations with serious consequences. Most of the time though travellers don’t even understand what is going on, as they have no knowledge they have done something wrong. A conviction for legal situations abroad can hamper future travel plans and even include incarceration in some cases. Ignoring any citation can result in an arrest warrant with the probability of detention the next time the traveller enters that country. will give you more information on embassies abroad.


Going out and having a good time abroad and then drinking too much can lead to “disorderly conduct” and “malicious mischief” which are typical charges, and without appropriate and honest legal advice, convictions can be much more likely. The situations previously mentioned are small instances that show that being responsible while travelling is very important and can avoid having to deal with a record abroad.


There are many times that culturally-based laws can be confusing or misleading. Travellers not knowingly are also many times tricked into buying items that can be illegal or false and can lead to legal problems. Therefore, making sure to be aware and responsible while abroad is more important than what most think. Many travelers also assume, very inaccurately, that the constitutional protections of their country of origin follow them wherever they travel. This is most definitely not the case. You can brush up on international laws at


Making sure that there is an emergency number to call and have access to legal help is critical when travelling, and something most people don’t even think of, as most people don’t think they can do anything that can lead to legal issues.


Legal defense can be crucial when an unexpected event happens, imagine getting in a car accident, unknowingly disrespecting cultural customs or breaking the law in an ignorant manner, any of these can lead to serious negative outcomes for which no one really plans ahead, as nobody can foresee any of these happening.


Travellers who get the legal advice they need, are usually quite relieved on how the can solve the situation competently. From now on, when planning a trip do more than just getting a great deal on Priceline but also invest some time in making sure that you are covered in regards of legal advice abroad. Although legal advice is not typically described as one of the main benefits of travel insurance, a legal hotline, with 24/7 emergency consultation can prove to be a critical and valuable included service that can already be part of your insurance package. Learn more about your coverage and if legal advice is not part of it there are options to make that available additionally.

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