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Let’s Answer Some Frequent Questions About Mediation!!!

When people wants to go for Family Mediation service in Stoke on Trent in order to resolve their family conflicts or other issues, they are generally a bit confused at first about the whole process. Here are some of the most common queries regarding mediation, whose answers that you must be seeking.

Ques. How long will the mediation take?

Ans. This completely depends on both the parties and the complexity of the case, as each session generally lasts for one to two hours and generally in two to three meetings the mediators draft the best possible agreement, which is beneficial for both the parties, but sometimes the case is severe and more sessions are required. Thus, the general time of three months can get doubled and you have to come for more than three sessions. The more openly and calmly you discuss your things, the sooner you will be able to resolve your issues.

Ques. Can mediation lead to legally binding agreements?

Ans. Yes, all the mediation settlements can turn into legally binding agreements. Mediators have ample amount of knowledge about various fields including law. Thus, you can explore various settlement options as per the legal framework. After all the negotiation is done, the mediator will put the joint proposal in writing and if you want, you can cross check everything and even take advice from a lawyer. You can then ratify the agreement between you and the other party. At the final stage the court will approve the settlement.

Ques. When should I start the mediation?

Ans. There is no such rule that will tell you about the right time to go for mediation session. Many people opt for mediation soon after getting a divorce or getting separated from their partner, because at the early stage the people are ready to negotiate and want to sort out their issues as soon as possible. Also, sometimes people try to negotiate on their own and when even after a few months the issues are not resolved, then people go for mediation in order to settle down the things peacefully.

Ques. Do we need to sit in the same room?

Ans. Family Mediation service in Stoke on Trent is all about communication and interaction and not about confrontation. During a mediation session you only need to speak out your views and discuss all the issues that are bothering you. First you and your partner can attend separate meetings with the mediator and after that if you don’t feel comfortable, then you can opt for online mediation through Skype. Even the separate rooms thing is also possible while you and your partner are attending the mediation at the same time.

Ques. Can children be involved in the mediation?

Ans. Yes, if you need to discuss the arrangement regarding your children, then the mediators might ask your children about how they feel about all this and what are their point of view. But, all this is done in a very peaceful manner and keeping the benefit of the children in mind. So, you don’t need to worry. This thing will also make you to take decision which is best for your children too.

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